Multi-Display Manager
The MDM is a multi-format interface engine configurable for stand-alone or integrated use. Designed for real-time routing of source device video to point-of-use visualization locations like the 58" 8MP display, the MDM is clinically focused, advanced and easy to experience. When combined with a 8MP large format display, the MDM enhanced table-side procedure guidance and improves clinical confidence through the simultaneous viewing of multiple sources in their native resolution.
  • Inputs: Up to 27 (MDM C) / 22 (MDM D)”
  • Up to 5 outputs per card
  • Critical Component Redundancy
  • Watch Dog Diagnostics
  • Hardware Scaling with Bilinear Filter
  • Web-based API Developer Library
  • KVM Control of Remote PCs & PACS
  • Low Latency Switching
  • Preset Driven Layouts
  • Internal 5V Rx Modem Power